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Jack Cafferty loves Sarah Palin…for bashing only

15 November, 2008

The election is so over, except for Jack Cafferty.  He has spent a lifetime (well, it seems like it anyway) finding fault with every single thing that Sarah Palin has done or said (or purportedly done or said),  And now, Jack still can’t leave that poor “hockey mom” along.  (Maybe his mom never let him play sports or maybe she was never proud of being the mom who’s son played sports because why,oh why, would he care so much that she is a hockey mom.)

Watch this video of Cafferty spewing his virulent, nasty comments about Sarah Palin.   I hate the sound of his voice, but I feel an obligation to women everywhere to listen to him (when my stomach is empty, so I don’t choke).

He’s gearing up for the 2012 elections already and if no one shines a spotlight on him, he’s likely to go on like this for four more years.  



Obviously, no one writes to Jack who doesn’t share his views, so I am inviting you to post your comments on this site.  We have to speak up now against this sexist, smug, arrogant, so-biased-he-ought-to-be-called-names-my-mother-would-never-have-used, scum-bag.   



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