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Should Joe the plumber sue the state of Ohio?

22 November, 2008

Watch this video and then tell us what you think:


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  1. PUMAbear permalink
    24 November, 2008 21:15

    The plumber should hold the state of Ohio accountable for an undemocratic and possibly unlawful invasion of privacy. The person responsible for digging into this man’s personal files should be fired.

    Generally, the police powers of a state cannot be used to investigate a citizen unless he is suspected of a crime based on a reasonable suspicion, or consents to a records search by way of seeking employment. Even the, there are restrictions concerning who may invade that privacy and who may receive the information.

    That this man was made a target of a state investigation just because he asked Barak Obama an embarrassing question, is outrageous.

    If the individual responsible is deposed for the lawsuit she may have to reveal who put her up to it.

    Sue away.

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