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Why Am I Writing about an Action Figure?

1 December, 2008

If you were a fan of action figures, you might be familiar with Transformers, mechanized beings who managed to flee their home world before it was destroyed.  If you had young children who became enamoured of Transformers when they were released as comics, cartoon shows and toys, you might even know that they were divided into two groups: good and evil.  My daughter and son played with them and they are still carefully packed away in our garage, except for Optimus Prime, who in truck mode, still sits in plain sight where everyone, even adults, love to beep his horn and flash his lights.   

One Transformer, named Ravage, is a mechanized version of Lucifer, once the devoted follower and guardian of the Overlord whom he later betrayed.  In his earth form, he looks like this   ↓                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This is  every comic book panel Ravage has ever been in. Well, okay, sometimes they rotate him a bit.

The word “ravage” has other uses as well:  there is a heavy metal band in the US called RAVAGE, there is a boardgame called “Monster Ravage America,” and there is an on-line game called “Ravage.”  Oh, there is an on-line lingerie shop that also uses the name Ravage. 


My point?   How can this word be the definition of the man?   

This word, Ravage, provoked an angry and hate-filled response in a discussion recently when it was used as a sign-in name.  Because he was a Muslim, this man was asked to justify the behaviour of all Muslim men everywhere in the world on the assumption that every Muslim man everywhere in the world is a misogynist and a sexist, who beats and rapes women at every possible opportunity.   And because his answers were not satisfactory (ie, blanket denunciations), he was verbally abused and his religion reviled. 

If you dislike the word ravage*, then ask yourself if you are willing to send young men and women into battle to fight our enemies (at the moment, evidently every Muslim country in the world).  Do you wish to destroy, ruin, damage, work havoc, wreak destruction,  lay waste every enemy?   Of course you do. You want our young to be ready when we send them out to ravage our enemies in the name of all that we value.  That is why our youths are encouraged to play violent video games, shoot water pistols and dart guns, watch boxing and football. Our team must kill their team, beat them, trounce them, the loss must be devastating and drastic.  


Hypocrisy.  That’s the word I would use.


*Here’s a link to the word’s meanings, according to several dictionaries: 

*Here’s another link to definitions in several thesauri:

The word “rape” is included in the list of synonyms, but rape comes from a totally different source:

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