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Southern Strategy outdoes itself on card

3 December, 2008


Even if you don’t like Sarah Palin, you gotta think this is sick.

Lots of people hunt for food in the United States; some even hunt for the fun of it.  

The election is over, Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is looming. 

Lots of deer hunters are out there even now stocking up on food for the winter – remember people eat venison.

But Rudolph?  He is a part of the traditional secular Christmas story.  No humor in seeing his head mounted above a fireplace.  

Sarah Palin is home in Alaska, at least for the time being.  Let it go.  

And I just can’t resist asking:  where were the cards with Dick Cheney after he shot someone with his shotgun while he was pheasant?   


Politically motivated?  Oh yeah.    Sexually motivated? Probably not.    Poor taste?  definitely.



Another memorable Christmas card from Southern Strategy Group.

The caption?      “All the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names.” 


Posted by Adam Smith at 11:04:24 AM on December 2, 2008 
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  1. 7 December, 2008 21:15

    My students would *love* this picture! Sarah Palin is very popular with the deerhunters in Central PA. Where are they selling these cards?

    The irony is that many people would see this as a pro-hunting Christmas card, and they probably meant it as the opposite.

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