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Couple accuse United Airlines of overserving husband, causing him to beat wife

17 December, 2008

Conflicting laws complicate case, legal experts say


This is an issue of complicting laws!  WTF.  A man beats his wife while passing through US Customs in San Francisco, gets 18 months probation, and then he and his wife sue the airline that brought them from Japan because the husband drank too much of the airline”s free wine.  

Let me repeat this:

The man beat his wife!     He got 18 months probabtion!      She joined him in a lawsuit against the airline!

It’s not my fault, he pleads to the judge; it’s the wine’s fault; it’s the stewardess’s fault for giving me wine when I asked for it; it’s the airline’s fault for having wine on the plane; hell, it’s probably my wife’s fault.  I’m not responsible for anything I did.  My wife doesn’t mind that I beat her.   She just wants the money, too.

Responsibility is a terrible burden to bear and it is understandable that no one wants to accept it.  So, we spread it around and all become complicit and therefore no one is responsible.  How much easier is that?   

The terrible part of this story is that it really is about the legal issues–Is serving too much wine over the Pacific Ocean as much a crime as serving wine in a bar?–when it ought to be an issue of crime–Is this assault or battery, or both?

Looks like a crime to me, but maybe it isn’t a serious one when it’s your wife.  There is no commandment that says  “Thou shalt not beat your wife.” So I guess beating your wife is not your fault and not a serious enough crime to warrant actual punishment for (serving probation in your wife’s home in Florida does not really count, you know).  Maybe if you struck her more than six times in the face, it would be a “serious” crime.


Woman beware.  


read the story here:,0,7796929.story

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