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An addendum to the previous post…

18 December, 2008

December 18, 2008

I have found the words:  attempted murder.  Not domestic abuse because domestic abuse is when you scream obscenities, hit, beat, threaten to kill, and other varieties of abuse you can find daily in any paper across this country.  “Domestic abuse” is the term we use when a “situation” occurs between a couple who probably has a “history.”

The term itself (Domestic abuse) is an abuse; somehow, our legal system has found a way to distinguish between your spouse, significant other, or frequent date and between the abuser and a stranger.  If someone like George Hartwig had smashed a hammer into a complete stranger’s head, he would have been charged with assault, battery, or attempted murder but not with abuse.  If George took a hammer to his dog, he would be charged with abuse.  When he took a hammer to his wife in order to steal her drugs (she is dying of cancer) he spent THREE MONTHS IN JAIL, despite what the Bergen County prosecutor’s office calls “a history between them.”  That was in June. This week, he shoots her sister in the head with a shotgun and evidently intended to massacre the whole family.

Today at 1:30 ET, this piece of s**t gets his day in court again, this time on the following charges:

Attempted Murder 2C:5-1/2C-11-3A
Purposefully or Knowingly causing serious bodily injury 2C:12-1B1
Pointing of firearm 2C:12-1B (4)
Possession of certain weapon for unlawful purposes 2C:39-4A
Unlawful possession of a prohibited weapon 2C:39-3B
Possession of a loaded Shotgun 2C:39-5C(2)

Of course, he is presumed innocent until found guilty, and of course, he is entitled to his day in court, and of course, he is entitled to legal representation.

What is the family entitled to?

How long will it take until “domestic abuse” is treated as a “real” crime, deserving of more than a slap on the wrist?  How many women will have to be beaten, shot, maimed, 0r killed before the legal system changes is approach to these heinous crimes?  Will it take marches and demonstrations to bring about equal rights for victims of domestic abuse?

Will it take a foundation for the preservation of our endangered women?

Or, does no one really care so long as it is a human female?

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