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Obama and Rick Warren

24 December, 2008

President-elect Obama and the controversial conservative Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, are friends.  the word “friends” is a strong description of a strong bond.  Both men claim to disagree on major issues and yet Obama admires and respects Rick Warren.  Obama, the self-described “fierce defender” of gay equality is a good friend of a prominent preacher who has equated marriage of same-sex couples with pedophilia, and incest, and has forbidden unrepetenant gays from becoming members of his church.,8599,1867664,00.html

Could Obama have been friends with George Wallace, the southern Democrat cum segregationist who stood in the schoolhouse door and cried “segregation forever”?  Obama  would say hell no.  He bristled with indignation at John McCain’s rhetoric, so “inflammatory” that it cold lead to something like  the deaths of four little black girls in a Birmingham church.  And yet it must be said that the rhetoric of gay haters inside and outside of various churches has led to the murder of plenty of gays and lesbians.  Has Obama denounced the haters?  Hell no. He’s friends with them.  He’s giving one, Rick Warren, a treasured international showcase at his inauguration.

Many of Obama’s  African-American supporters argue that it’s high time, anyway, that the gay and lesbian caboose was decoupled from the civil rights train and EVERYONE thinks it’s silly to worry about THAT issue, particularly when our country is facing ugh, global warming.  But the LGBT community is fighting back.  Some are even questioning their mindless adoration for the GQ handsome, Harvard grad, with the flat abs and Talmudic explanations.

So maybe Obama will throw the LGBT’s a bone.  There’s talk of an openly gay man as Secretary of the Navy (civilian).

Will Obama or won’t he?  Why should we care?  Obama’s finger is in the air for  the next important voting block, and that is evangelical Christians.  Gays had better get used to the view from under the bus.

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  1. Cecil Jones permalink
    25 December, 2008 21:15

    You are dreaming if you think Obama doesn’t agree with Rick Warren. The ability to agree to disagree is political cover. The issue that the LGBT’s are fighting for isn’t equality. The real issue is public display of affection. That’s not an equal right that’s an extra right. It won’t be granted because it’s wrong if anyone of color, age, or gender does it. Nobody should get protections for having sex. Anyone arguing that race and sexual orientation are the same is slapping all the former slaves in the face. Harriet Tubman would kick them off her “Underground Railroad.” I think she’d make them all walk and not switch.

    • 25 December, 2008 21:15

      I think you misread the post which says that Obama does agree with Warren. But, he said that LGBTs should be entitled to civil rights, even though he personally defined marriage as “between a man and a woman and God.” Warren believes that women should be subject to their husbands, not be allowed to have abortions, among other Ultra-Conservative beliefs. He is entitled to those beliefs, but he should not foist them on others. And neither should you, if you believe as he does. BTW, no one here wants to slap all former slaves in the face, nor would it be possible; nor do we want to take away anything from the African Americans who worked and died so hard to acquire their just rights under the law. It’s just that there are some who believe equality is the right of all human beings regardless of race or religion or sex. It won’t take anything away from you if share life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with someone other than you and yours.

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