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Harriet Christian for New York Senator

27 December, 2008

Press Release

I found this press release at  I have only spoken to Harriet a few times and seen a few of her interviews, but I am convinced that she is the right candidate to fill Senator Clinton’s NY Senator seat (should she actually be appointed SOS).  The US needs someone with an understanding of what economics and politics mean and do to the working class citizens of this country, not another member of the elite, political dynasties taking shape in this country.  Harriet was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, shares her ideals and her ideas; she would place New York interests above scratchmyback and paytoplay schemes.  Harriet Christian is of the people and for the people, and she should be appointed by Governor Paterson until she can be elected by the people.

“Harriet Christian Throws Her Hat Into the Ring.  Seeks Consideration for Appointment for U.S. Senator of New York

Harriet Christian has called and asked NY Governor David Paterson’s office to consider her for the appointment to the United States Senate as Senator for New York.

New York, NY 12/23/08 Harriet Christian has approached NY Governor David Paterson’s office seeking consideration in her quest for the appointment to the US Senate as Senator for New York.

Earlier this week, Harriet Christian, vocal Hillary Clinton supporter, was in contact with Governor David Paterson’s office to indicate her interest in being selected to serve the remaining two years of Hillary Clinton’s Senate term.  The seat will become vacant upon Senator Clinton’s confirmation as Secretary of State.

If one looks at experience, Harriet Christian holds as much political experience as the leading candidate for appointment, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. Also Harriet Christian was a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter turned John McCain campaigner after Hillary suspended her campaign for the Presidency last June. This illustrates perfectly Harriet Christians bi-partisan spirit.  She also learned how difficult it is to be out on the campaign trail, but proved she had the stamina and determination to fight for what she believes in and all New Yorkers can count on her.

Harriet Christian is a resident of New York City and lives in an apartment on the wages of a waitress working two jobs.  Contrast this with her main competitor, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, who has led the posh lifestyle as a member of Camelot.

Harriet is for the working people because she is one.  If experience isn’t that important, why not consider someone with a great work ethic, an understanding of politics, and your everyday New Yorker?

Governor David Paterson should give serious consideration to a candidate like Harriet Christian and immediately agree to meet with her to discuss her potential appointment.”

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