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Israel set for prolonged Gaza op

27 December, 2008

Does the title indicate operation or opportunity or both?  Israel has begun bombing the Gaza strip to stop rockets being fired into Israel.  According to the BBC, there has not been a single day of bombing by Israel worse than today’s since the 1967 war.  Seven Hundred people have been wounded and around 300 killed.  Many of the dead and wounded are civilians, women and children.  Israel indicates it won’t stop soon and Hamas has indicated that it won’t surrender.  The cycle of violence has begun again just days after the Israel-Gaza truce ended.

When did Israel’s defense against rockets fired by the fairly inept Gazans require 100 tons of bombs in a single day, with the promise of more to come?  Please don’t tell me that all Gazans are terrorists.  They live in squalid conditions because Israel refuses to allow any international aid to reach them.  Gaza, according to the BBC, is one of the most crowded places on earth. The people live in conditions that would make any human want to fight back.

There was a time when this land belonged to them, although it was occupied by the British who eventually decided to let Jewish refugees build a country here.  No other place would do, so the would-be Israelis drove the people out.  History seems to have forgotten that moment in time.  The Irgun were terrorists too.  Rahm Emmanuel’s father ran guns for them.  They even blew up the King David Hotel.

To this day Israel continues to take more and more land as more and more Jewish settlements are built to accommodate more and more Jews who wish to come live in the “homeland.”  Extremist settlers kill and beat up men, women and children in Palestine.  They destroy orchards, crops, and animals in an effort to drive the Palestinians away from the borders of Israel.

No one likes the word genecide and no one wants to use it against the people who survived a massive effort to eliminate them in Germany during the Holocaust.

No one can say anything negative about Israel without being called an anti-Semite, including me.  I just wonder how many Jews have been killed by the rockets fired from Gaza as opposed to how many Gazans have been killed by Jewish invasions incursions and bombings?

How many Palestinians need to die before it is labeled another Holocaust?  How long before someone stands up and says, “This is not retaliation, but aggression, and it must end, if there is ever to be peace?”

read the story  here.

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  1. 28 December, 2008 21:15

    It’s all well and good to blame Israel for the miserable conditions in Gaza, but the facts are that until 1993, Israel was the largest provider of financial and humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. They even provided weapons until the so-called security forces turned the guns on Israel.

    Israel has a policy of admitting Palestinians from the territories in their hospitals. The same courtesy was not provided to Jews living in Gaza. Magen David Adom evacuates wounded Palestinian civilians. Red Crescent never did this for Jews living in Gaza.

    Last year, the international community pledged $7.4 billion to the Palestinian Authority. That’s more than double what the U.S. gives to Israel in aid. Billions have been given over the years. The leadership drive German sedans and wear Italian suits, and live caviar dreams. Yassir Arafat’s widow lives in a Parisian penthouse subsidized by the PA. So please tell me who is responsible for the squalid conditions in Gaza.

    The Israelis spend an incredible amount of money on tactical systems and guided bombs in a never ending effort to reduce collateral damage. It is standard policy to give notice when attacks will take place. In fact, there is no army on the planet that goes to the lengths the IDF does to avoid killing civilians.

    Do they die? Yes. Sadly, this is a war, a war the international community fails to stop by not forcing the dismantling of a body politic that has been dedicated, and still is, to Israel’s destruction.

    But my suspicion regarding this latest round of violence, precipitated by Hamas declaring an end to the ceasefire, though at no point did it stop rocketing and shelling Israeli towns, is an ill-conceived plan by Ehud Olmert to make his Kadima party look tough in the face of rising Likud poll numbers. There is no legitimizing that if I am right. But the solution is not negotiating with Hamas, which desires to destroy Israel and create a Muslim caliphate. Sharia law is being made the law of the land in Gaza already.

    Your inaccurate portrayal of the history of the region does you a disservice. Gaza was the home to a thriving Jewish population long before the Egyptians took control of the strip…oh yes that was Egyptian land, and Yassir Arafat himself was Egyptian. There has never been a time when Jews haven’t lived in this land, and it was the Grand Mufti in Jerusalem who told his people to get out of the way of the Arab armies so the Jews could be wiped out and they could take their homes in the aftermath. The very land that Palestinians say they want for their homeland was given to them in 1947. It was rejected. In fact, the UN granted more territory to the Arabs than the 1967 Green Line provides. But the Arabs assumed that they could wipe out the Jews.

    It is also true that the largest Arab populations in pre-Israel land were alongside Jewish communities. Most likely a lot of this nonsense could have been avoided if the British hadn’t turned Arabs and Jews against each other for their own twisted reasons. And here’s another little piece of history, the original founders of the Zionist movement were considering a homeland in Africa. It was the British who pushed the notion of the Jews returning en masse to Israel to fulfill biblical prophesy, not unlike George Bush’s apocalyptic vision of the middle east.

    With the venom you direct at Israel, a Jewish state, it’s no wonder anti-semite is something people ascribe to you.

    It is true that Israel’s inconsistent policies, building housing in unauthorized areas (by the way, immigration to Israel is pretty low so you can dispense with this notion that these houses are for some massive wave of people coming home), the destroying of olive groves, the use of people as human shields against rock throwers, are a major part of the problem, but do not fall for the American leftist meme that Israel is the problem.

    The people really pissing on the Palestinians are their supposed leaders, who take the aid the world gives, which they then use to line their own pockets. There should be no Arab in the territories without housing, running water, employment, and access to healthcare. You ought to ask President Abbas why this isn’t the case. Ask him where all the money goes.

    You also realize that Israel was the largest employer of Palestinians in the territories. Unfortunately, the PLO used this in order to get suicide bombers into Israel. Ask President Abbas why the border is closed.

    To get some actual information on the subject you might want to read Fromkin’s The Peace to End All Peace, and The Palestinians: Between State Failure and Civil War by Michael Eisenstadt.

    Oh, and the BBC is considered to be one of the most anti-Israeli biased media groups reporting in the region, along with the French, who provided the world with manufactured images of a father and son being killed at the onset of the second intafada.

    And if Israel was interested in wiping out every man woman and child in Gaza and the West Bank, as you suggest, I can assure you that it would not be necessary to bomb anyone today. They would have been wiped out 40 years ago. So please, dispense with the genocide lie.

    It is not a crime to criticize Israel. i do it regularly. It is a crime to spread disinformation and lies. You don’t help anyone when you do this.

    • 28 December, 2008 21:15,0,7401089.story

      “Militants with Hamas and several smaller armed factions long have launched rockets and mortar shells at southern Israeli towns from positions in the Gaza Strip. A shaky six-month truce between Israel and Hamas ended Dec. 19, and more than 50 rockets and mortar shells from Gaza militants came down in the Israeli south on Wednesday, causing no serious casualties but sowing widespread panic.

      Gaza’s hospitals were already critically low on most supplies because of a long-term blockade by Israel, assisted by Egypt, designed to pressure the militant Hamas organization that seized control of the strip last year. After Saturday’s Israeli air attacks, 215 victims arrived at Shifa Hospital within 15 minutes, Khalaf said.”

  2. reformislam permalink
    28 December, 2008 21:15

    Hypocrisy in Action:
    Where were Egypt, Russia, OIC, EU, Britain, Sarkozy, US & Austria when Hamas was pounding Israel with daily barrage of rockets?

  3. 28 December, 2008 21:15

    Israel, in coordination with the WHO and the Palestinians, has delivered medical and humanitarian aid consistently. The Red Cross was also allowed in, as was a delivery of ambulances from Jerusalem.

    But AFP is reporting that Egyptian doctors are reporting that Hamas has sealed the border so that wounded Palestinians can seek treatment.

    How do you explain this? If there is such a shortage why is Hamas preventing its people from getting treatment in Egypt?
    And if supplies were delivered, why are Palestinians trying to seek treatment in Egypt?

    The Red Cross made deliveries of supplies and ambulances. And in the month during which hostilities have increased, 4 convoys were let in by the Israelis.

    Israel coordinates deliveries of medical and humanitarian aid with the WHO and the Palestinians.

    And try reading this.,7340,L-3645195,00.html

    and watch this.

    Egypt brokered the ceasefire. What do they possibly gain by helping Israel keep out medical supplies?

    You might want to take a look at the names of the reporters on that article you posted cats.

    Then watch this video and see how the Palestinian industry of manufactured news works.

    Remember how we were so inflamed about pro Obama media bias? I wonder how inflamed you’ll be to see the anti-Israel media bias, and their willingness to use faked footage.

    • 28 December, 2008 21:15

      shtuey: I do not condone the Hamas terrorists or their actions: not the rockets, not the suicide bombings, not the rhetoric. I am not ant-Israeli, nor an anti-Semite. I am raising the question: “How do you condone the dropping of hundreds of tons of bombs on a civilian population? The civilians had no where else to go – Gaza is extremely over-populated and the exits are sealed. Whoever is responsible for that, the women and children and men who are not terrorists could escape the bombs. Take out the extremists, yes. Kill innocents in such massive numbers, no. I oppose all “retaliation” anywhere that is does not make that distinction. I had a friend whose Jewish parents lived through the bombing of Dresden; they were filled with horror when they recalled that moment and thought it “beyond the pale.” We now are filled with outrage at the slaughter of innocents in Viet Nam, even though it was supposed to protect us from the fall of Democracy. I opposed the bombings of Baghdad and the condition of the Iraqis as a result of our invasion, despite Saddam’s hideous crimes. Not even all Israelis support the extreme stance taken by the government/military complex.

      You are right. I did not trust the media entirely during the past year, but I also did not trust Obama’s people to tell me the truth. Palestine and Israel are both invested in the story they tell. I search for the truth all the time, but who shall I trust here? Not the BBC, not the L.A. Times (btw.the front page print edition about the bombing article in today’s Times was written by Richard Boudreaux in Jerusalem and Rushdi Abu Alouf in Gaza City; it is pro-Israel.) Certainly not the blogs, unless you can refer me to someone who has not stake in what happens next. cats

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