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Israel says Gaza assault ‘war to the bitter end’

29 December, 2008

By IBRAHIM BARZAK and MATTI FRIEDMAN, Associated Press Writers

Associated Press writers Aron Heller in Ashkelon, Matti Friedman in Jerusalem; Albert Aji in Damascus, Syria, at Edith M. Lederer at the United Nations contributed to this report.

Shtuey at Oh. . .My Valve writes of the horror of Israeli children having to run to bomb shelters on a nearly daily basis because of rockets from Gaza. (6 civilians died from rockets in the last year), but does not bother to mention that half the population of Gaza are children (being raised to be terrorists, I’m told) who suffer emotional trauma as a result of Israel’s massive bombing).  I understand the argument is that Gazans can stop the bombing if only they would stop hurling rockets at Israel, but I am not certain how much influence the children or their mothers have on the terrorists, even if they happen to be their husbands and wives.  Today, women in the US are outraged that an outreach program in Boston is telling teenage girls to be more proactive in stopping the gang shootings of their friends, brothers, and lovers.  Yet no one raises a voice to say that dead children in Gaza should not be the end result of a peace-making process.  Blaming the victims doesn’t seem to be as  important an issue when they are Arabs, I guess.

I will repeat what I said yesterday in a comment to Shtuey:  I DO NOT condone Hamas for its attacks or its philosophy.  But, I refuse to defend my statements any longer by saying that I am not an anti-Semite, because that accusation is exactly meant to put me on the defensive and shut me up.

Children are dying in Gaza; they are not the cause of this problem.  They are dying from the bombs, but this is what is being said in Israel: “Israel is trying to avoid civilian casualties, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told reporters Monday, while “Hamas is looking for children to kill.”   WTF!


The three-day death toll rose to 364 on Monday, with some 1,400 reported wounded, according to Palestinian medical officials. The U.N. said at least 62 of the dead were civilians, and medics said eight children under the age of 17 were killed in two separate strikes overnight. (emphasis mine)


Some Palestinians ventured outside for mourning. In northern Gaza, a father lifted the body of his 4-year-old during a funeral Monday for five children from the same family killed in an Israeli missile strike. (emphasis mine)


Israel’s intense bombings — more than 300 air strikes since midday Saturday — reduced dozens of buildings to rubble. The military said naval vessels also bombarded targets from the sea.


At the United Nations, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon again condemned Israel’s use of force as excessive and called for an immediate cease-fire.

“The frightening nature of what is happening on the ground, in particular its effects on children (emphasis mine)— who are more than half of the population — troubles me greatly. I have continuously stressed the need for strict observance of international humanitarian law,” he said.


. ..the U.N. Security Council called on both sides to halt the fighting and asked Israel to allow humanitarian supplies into Gaza. Israel opened one of Gaza’s border crossings Monday, (emphasis mine) and about 40 trucks had entered with food and medical supplies by midday, military spokesman Peter Lerner said.


Egypt also opened its borders to Gaza and allowed trucks loaded with humanitarian aid to enter the Rafah terminal Monday. It was also taking in wounded Palestinians from Gaza, with more than a dozen Egyptian ambulances waiting at the crossing.

Wait, I believe Shtuey made the point today that it is Hamas who was responsible for the closure of the borders between Egypt and Gaza.

So, Shtuey, where do you get your information because I think I agree with you that this issue is a lot more complicated than we all know?

read the story here:

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  1. 30 December, 2008 21:15

    A boat load of lunatics tried to sail a private yacht into Gaza under the pretense of delivering medical supplies. They were turned back by the Israeli Navy. The boats collided during the encounter. However, the damage was light. Unfortunately, head Moonbat, former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, did not fall overboard during the encounter.

    Far-Left Hamas Supporters Coming to Gaza by Sea

    by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

    ( Free Gaza, a far-left organization offering support to the jihadist Hamas government in the Palestinian Authority, sent a ship on Monday to defy the Israeli sea blockade on Gaza. Despite the major IDF military operation underway, sixteen Free Gaza activists, including a former member of the US Congress, are on their way to the region.

    The ship, a yacht, left from Cyprus this evening carrying Free Gaza supporters from Britain, Australia, Ireland, Cyprus and Tunisia, as well as former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Free Gaza spokesmen told the press before they set off that their ship is carrying three and a half tons of medical supplies, including antibiotics. The yacht is the sixth of its kind sent to Gaza by the organization in four months.

    A Cypriot doctor on board the ship said that they are sending a message to PA residents that “they are not alone.” McKinney said that she intends to call on American President-elect Barack Obama to condemn Israel’s Operation “Cast Lead” against the jihadist regime in Gaza. Link here. The Intellectual Redneck

  2. Jeri permalink
    31 December, 2008 21:15

    Israelis will not rest until they have exterminated all Palestinians, and seized all their land. They have tried to suffocate them by destroying their farms, depriving them off all human rights and wonder why terrorists? respond. Just like my ancestors who were assualted by the Euros with all the native lands stolen and peoples destroyed. And as usual white america supports this holocaust with 12 billion unquestioned dollars per year. Pretend medical supplies, shut up and get on the boat.

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