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Israeli Gunboats label relief boat crew “terrorists.”

30 December, 2008

A boat, carrying medical supplies and a doctor, was shot at and rammed by an Israeli gunboat while it was still in International waters.  The captain says they received a message to turn back and were called terrorists. So, a humanitarian is a terrorist if he or she tries to aid injured Gazans – many of them women and children?  And how can you hold the moral high-ground when you attack in INTERNATIONAL water, showing no regard for international law?

One comment left at another blog was that Gaza should be turned into a parking lot. Since it is already a prison guarded by Israel and constantly leveled by them, I suppose the writer can hope.  I, for one, hope that some day more Israelis will understand that leaving Gaza a rubble, destroying power plants and universities, and homes, refusing to allow the basic necessities of life to enter the country, withholding money that is legitimately Gazan and refusing to allow international aid will never lead to peace and will certainly never undermine Hamas.

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