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The Federal Reserve, Dept of Treasury, and our Govt…oh my!

1 January, 2009

Diamond Tiger at Logistics Monster has posted five (or twelve depending on your stamina) incredible videos of G. Edward Griffin explaining the founding of the Federal Reserve, based on research he has done and documented in his book The Creature from Jekyll Island.

How many of you knew that the Federal Reserve was created by eight of the richest men (bankers/financiers)  in the world?

According to Griffin, our government could stop taxing us and still fund its needs by “borrowing” money from the Federal Reserve, which then charges the government a “fee” for that loan. Who pays that fee?  The taxpayer, only it  is a tax we can’t see.  Who repays the loan?  The taxpayer, only it never does get paid off because of the fees.

Want to understand inflation?  Listen to the videos.

Inflation is the result of being able to create money out of nothing and that is the power we have given to the Federal Reserve system.

If you want to know how our money is created and spent, I heartily recommend that you make the time to listen to these tapes and then continue to follow Diamond Tiger’s exploration of the causes of our current economic disaster.

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