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Mass Murder and the Women of Juarez

2 January, 2009

The Mexican state of Chihuahua saw unprecedented levels of violence in 2008. It was not unheard of to have as many as 17 drug related murders in one day in a region of 1.3 million inhabitants.  The killings are focused mainly in the border city  of Juarez and its environs.  President Calderon has called in the military to combat the ruthless, murderous shock troops employed by the drug lords.  He has vowed that no quarter will be given to those drug dealers responsible for the decapitations of eight federal soldiers last week.

Yet drug related violence is only the newest calamity to befall a city that is no stranger to violence.  The murder of women employed by the maquiladores, border factories that sprung up as a result of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement of the 1990’s, continues, as do the systematic, misogynistic rapes and beatings inflicted on a dismissed and unprotected female population.  President Calderon has brought in a number of forensic scientists to help identify the hundreds of women and young girls murdered over the last decade.  The condition and storage of bodies and other evidence has made the identification process painstaking.  Some feel that the deplorable conditions of the labs is deliberate, protecting the killers, law enforcement officials themselves.

Despite the dangers that women face, they must still work in the factories, or face another kind of death.

Many reporters and social scientists believe that a culture of misogyny and resentment of female factory workers has lead to increased violence and an indifference to same.

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  1. 20 June, 2009 21:15

    it hurts me that the people responsible for this murders are not caught yet. i saw the movie bortertown, it hurt me with all my heart that is really happening to this young girls. i wish to god that soon enough their should be justice, and the criminals arrested. it hurts to think that many of this people have family and they are doing this what if it was one of their daughters? would they like it if was one of their daughters, i dont think so. i am 21yrs old and a mother. i believe that god has a great heart and soon enough this would end. being woman is not easy, but getting treated like a toy like we are nothing in this world they are wrong. this criminals came from mothers and they should respect the girls and woman in this world. we werent just created to be killed or treated like excuse my word sex toys for no man. but to fight for our rights and to show man that we can to the same things like they can.this people who are killing woman and raping them have heart,no fellings,and mostly they are people who make me sick. i wish i could help in someway and be united with the parents whos daughters were murdered and hopefully get the responsible ones in jail. god bless to all woman we are strong and we will have a fight that the man soon would be scared of us.

    • patriotdems permalink
      21 June, 2009 21:15

      Wow. I appreciate your comment. With more brave, committed women like you we can bring an end to the women hating and the culture of corruption responsible for these horrible acts.

  2. Sobe permalink
    19 November, 2009 21:15

    watch senorita extraviada its a documentary that was made a decade ago when this first started

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