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Who is Louisa Rodas?

3 January, 2009

Louisa Rodas is the daughter of BettyJean Kling.  She is also the woman who was shot in the head by George Hartwig, her sister’s husband.  I wrote about him here and here right after he decided to massacre the whole family because he could not see his wife, Denise, whom he had beaten he in the head with a hammer a few months earlier.

BettyJean began this new year with the news that her daughter might never recover from the coma she has slipped into.  Louisa is literally fighting for her life.

Even in her grief, crying as she writes, BettyJean is fighting for abused women everywhere.  BettyJean blogs as freemenow.  Please, stop by and let her know that you recognize the pervasive violence that is sweeping over this country and that you understand something needs to be done.  If you know what that something is, tell her.

And while you are there, offer her some words of comfort in this very dark time.

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  1. 10 January, 2009 21:15

    You can learn more at

    I really wish Louisa would pull through, I think she would find a lot of people that would always be there for her.

    • 10 January, 2009 21:15

      A lot of us are hoping she will survive this hideous attack by a violent, abusive, degenerate. Unfortunately, the doctors have told her mother that there is not much hope, because of the severe damage to her brain. It is difficult to fathom the agony that BettyJean is going through. TY for the link.

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