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Tim Kaine for DNC Chair-Obama Does It Again

7 January, 2009

With his pick of Virginia’s Governor Tim Kaine as Democratic National Committee head, President-elect Barak Obama has once again revealed that his choice of  right-wing evangelical Rick Warren as the inaugural invocation speaker was no fluke.  Despite the outcry from the LGBT community over gay baiter Warren, Obama has quietly placed another good buddy and fellow Harvardite , who also happens to hold anti-gay and abortion views, into a high visibility slot within the dem party.  NARAL rated Kaine well below 50% on women’s and LBGT issues.

Self described “fierce defender” of LGBT rights, Obama, didn’t hesitate to run with Kaine, supporter of a ban on equal rights for gays in Virginia, and questionably pro-choice for women in the battle over women’s wombs.

Obama and the democrat party operatives frightened millions of women from voting for Palin and McCain by insisting that election would lead to an anti-choice Supreme Court selection-the Republican team would be too far to the right on women’s and LGBT issues.  Yet Obama has no problem placing the same type of individuals in highly visible positions with his administration.

This appointment is no fluke.  At one time, save for his total lack of charisma and zero foreign policy experience, Kaine stood a good chance of being selected as Obama’s Vice President.  And the selection demonstrates a considerable shift away from “progressive” Howard Dean.

Obama’s intention to take the party to the right on so-called social issues seems very clear.  He and the party are interested in cappturing the religious evangelical voter next time round.  LGBT groups have reacted strongly to Obama’s Rick Warren slap but women’s groups seem cowed into silence.

Let’s hope somebody other than the LGBT community figures out that Obama is a fraud.

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  1. tpt/ny permalink
    8 January, 2009 21:15

    I’m a heterosexual suburban wife, mother & RN.
    He’s also an “Indian Giver”.
    When Dean followed him (like a puppy dog) to Chicago; I believe he told him then he’d back him continuing as chairman. Then at some point he must of took that offer back, because like everything else around him:
    “If you blinked / you missed it”.

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