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Gay animals out of the closet?

17 January, 2009

First-ever museum display shows 51 species exhibiting homosexuality

By Sara Goudarzi
LiveScience staff writer


I’m only including what I think are the salient points of this article here because I believe it is something you should read for yourself. The article discusses several ways in which homosexuality can benefit evolution as well as provide pleasure.


From male killer whales that ride the dorsal fin of another male to female bonobos that rub their genitals together, the animal kingdom tolerates all kinds of lifestyles.                   

A first-ever museum display, “Against Nature?,”  which opened last month at the University of Oslo’s Natural History Museum in Norway, presents 51 species of animals exhibiting homosexuality.

 “Homosexuality has been observed in more than 1,500 species, and the phenomenon has been well described for 500 of them,” said Petter Bockman, project coordinator of the exhibition.


Conversely, some argue that homosexual sex could have a bigger natural cause than just pure pleasure: namely evolutionary benefits. (emphasis mine) 


 “Homosexuality” and “heterosexuality” are terms defined by societal boundaries, invisible in the animal kingdom.


The argument that a homosexual way of living cannot be accepted because it is against the “laws of nature” can now be rejected scientifically, ( emphasis mine)  said Geir Soli, project leader for the exhibition. “A main target for this project was to get museums involved in current debate; to show that museums are more than just a gallery for the past. 



This is something that would have Rick Warren squirming before his alter, if only he believed that science had anything to teach us.   Could he ever imagine that homosexuality, bisexuality or asexuality would benefits the animal species, that they are in fact a part of the natural order of things?  Would his god ever have made such a world?

BTW, don’t even think about coming back here and telling me that I, or this article, are suggesting the homosexuals are any more animal than the rest of us.



Read the rest of the article here:

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  1. Ted permalink
    19 January, 2009 21:15

    The question is not IF there will be an interdiction of Obama’s Presidency by the Supreme Court, the questions are WHEN and HOW that interdiction will transpire — that is, if the USA is to continue as the Constitutional Republic that now exists.

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