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Urgun amd Hamas – what’s the difference?

17 January, 2009

When Britain decided it would give away land that was not theirs, they began the Middle East crisis.  People were living there.  It was their home. Jews wanted to create a place for Jews after the Holocaust, and they wanted it to be on land they claim their god gave them thousands of years ago because they where the chosen ones.

I’m not sure how that argument got past anyone, but in any case an invasion began in Palestine.  Armed terrorists murdered some of the inhabitants, and drove the others off their land.  They had groups like the Urgun to supply weapons and fight, even to blow up the King David Hotel. But even though it was acknowedged that terrortists had committed this crime it was excused because of their suffering as victims of Naziism, as explicitly stated by Prime Minister Atlee:

The attack on the King David Hotel did not impede progress toward an Anglo-American agreement on Palestine, which was then in its concluding phase. In a letter dated July 25, 1946, Prime Minister Atlee wrote to U.S. President President Harry S. Truman: “I am sure you will agree that the inhuman crime committed in Jerusalem on 22 July calls for the strongest action against terrorism but having regard to the sufferings of the innocent Jewish victims of Nazism this should not deter us from introducing a policy designed to bring peace to Palestine with the least possible delay.” (confidential letter, Atlee to President Truman, Truman Presidential Library,
(from Wikipedia, King David Hotel bombing)

The state of Israel was born.  Jews from around the world had a place to go be as one people.  Eventually, the politics would lead to internal battles – the role of religion in politics and society – and to the need for land.The Palestinians, on the other hand, became a scattered people, ignored by rest of the world.  They lived in refugee camps and had to rely on humanitarian aid to survive.  When they complained, they were told to go live in Jordan, or Syria or Egypt as though they had lost their own identity and should take up another.  No one stepped in and declared the rest of the territory a State of Palestine, with set borders and all the rights granted to any other legitimate state. No one gave them much thought at all.

They did not like it and eventually they began to resist.  The resistance did not have the backing of the Western powers; the US did not provide planes,  bombs, machine guns, etc. so the resistance was/has not been effective.  Palestinians remained in the camps refusing to give up the claim to their own land.  This of course gave rise to the cry that they would have to drive Israel to the sea. But as Israel grew stronger and attracted more people, it became obvious that Israwl would need more land – the land occupied by Palestinians.  The conflict  has boiled down to each side simply wanting to drive the other away.

Today, each party’s  agenda includes obliterating the other.  You hear the Gazans say it; You hear the Palestinians say it; Have you heard this:

h/t  Joseph Cannon

Now that Gaza has once again been decimated, how could anyone believe this vicious cycle will end?  What is Israel willing to DO in order to bring peace to the region?  Will it help create a Palestinian state now?  Will it recognize the legitimate need of the people in Gaza and the West Bank?   Will Israel contain its Zionists, its settlers who shoot Palestinians working on their own land.  Hamas will have no power if the Palestinians have their own state.  You asked Gaza to vote democratically and they did. They chose Hamas because Hamas seemed most likely to bring relief to their suffering.  Israel simply fuels that suffering with each invasion.

Will it acknowledge its own role in the crisis and try to end it?  Or will it continue to encroach further on the land, the rights and the lives of the Palestinians?

when this misery ends both sides will say that they won.

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