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A brief summation of previous posts.

20 February, 2009

In January of this year I wrote a series of articles about animals in which I discussed homosexuality, bisexuality and asexuality as alternative methods of producing or raising offspring.  I concluded with an article discussing single mothers and offspring in the animal kingdom as well.  The series was meant to be a prelude to a discussion of human behaviours, but I got sidetracked by a great many other issues.  These posts, however, are still attracting readers and decided I had better clarify their purpose

Let me be quite clear:  under NO circumstances do I believe that any of the behaviours mentioned in my posts are abnormal or unnatural.  On the contrary, I believe quite the opposite.

Our species is animal (mammalian to be exact).  We share a common heritage with the chimpanzee, though we diverged from that branch of the family millions of years ago.  We are quite lucky to have come down that line:  chimps are able to walk on two legs, learn and modiy their behaviours, adapt to their environment and, most importantly to develop and use tools.  Without those abilities, we would not have survived and we would not be what we are today.

The point I was going to make in the series is that evolution never selected against these behaviours and that they are quite natural.  Whatever compelled the writers of the various religious codes to exclude behaviours that did not produce children had something to do with their cultural values, their need for heirs to work the land or to hold on to the family “business” or to appear wealthy because they could support large families.  Whatever purpose was served, it was not based on nature’s abhorrence but on the human need to create bonds among our own and to exclude others not like us.

It is a trait still displayed in our so-called “inclusive” social environments.  Think as examples of clubs, cliques, churches,  same gender groups, and intellectuals.   As I see it, the need to be with others “like us” is one of our most human and most dangerous traits, right up there with our impulsive and aggressive leanings. Unless we self-destruct as a species, we must leave these traits behind.

But there is no reason to assume that human relationships must be standardized, formulated, or legislated in order for us to survive.  The species has done well enough in that regard. We have definitely multiplied.

I’m including links to the earlier articles for those of you who are now curious.


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