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Big Brother coming soon in an identity chip on you (or in you).

1 March, 2009

There is some suspicion that the idea of tracking and taxing the mileage on your car is not going to go away soon, despite the potus saying that it was not an issue (yet). Government Prepares the Public for Cradle to Grave Surveillance

“The White House was somewhat premature,” commission Chairman Robert Atkinson told Bloomberg. “It’s absolutely critical that we look at it… According to Atkinson and the panel, the so-called stimulus bill won’t be sufficient to meet highway-funding needs and financing programs in partnership with private companies “can play an important supplementary role.”

Private companies not only produce the surveillance equipment, but make a profit from them, so we can be assured that they will be wanting an expansion of business and profit.  As it stands now:

“Not only has the sheer number of tickets issued and money reaped increased, but the type of photo enforcement and surveillance the government uses has also vastly increased,” notes the National Motorists Association. “There are red light cameras, speeding cameras, railroad crossing cameras, and most recently face identification cameras. Tampa Bay, Florida is now scanning the faces of pedestrians on the street to compare them to their database of criminals. The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles is investing in a camera system that will map the face of anyone with a driver’s license thus creating a photo database of the vast majority of their population. (emphasis mine)  How long until the system used in Colorado is married to the system used in Florida?”

LIFE WITH BIG BROTHER Radio chip coming soon to your driver’s license? Homeland Security seeks next-generation REAL ID

Janet Napolitano, Dept. of Homeland Security, has decided that since the REAL ID card was unacceptable when proposed, she would throw her support behind the idea of a chip in a driver’s license instead.  This new system referred to as an EDL, which sounds so much less ominous that enhanced driver’s license because it avoids the idea of IdentCard, will

have built-in radio chips providing an identifying number or information that can be accessed by a remote reading unit while the license is inside a wallet or purse.

The technology already had been implemented in Washington state, where it is promoted as an alternative to a passport for traveling to Canada. So far, the program is optional.

But there are other agreements already approved with Michigan, Vermont, New York and Arizona, and plans are under way in other states, including Texas, [Katherine Albrecht, an identity chip expert] said.”

So wherever you are and whatever you are doing, the government will know even if you aren’t in your GPS-enchanced car or downtown where the cameras are embedded.  Since our phones already borderline private and our internet access is subject to Federal jurisdiction at any time, we may not even be “private” at home.

It sounds so much like Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty Four that my Orwellian heart leapt with joy when I stumbled upon these stories.  And, I immediately returned to this one that I had read two years ago: China Enacting a High-Tech Plan to Track People

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 9 — At least 20,000 police surveillance cameras are being installed along streets here in southern China and will soon be guided by sophisticated computer software from an American-financed company (emphasis mine) to recognize automatically the faces of police suspects and detect unusual activity.

See, they are practicing elsewhere.

Starting this month in a port neighborhood and then spreading across Shenzhen, a city of 12.4 million people, residency cards fitted with powerful computer chips programmed by the same company will be issued to most citizens.

Data on the chip will include not just the citizen’s name and address but also work history, educational background, religion, ethnicity, police record, medical insurance status and landlord’s phone number. Even personal reproductive history will be included, for enforcement of China’s controversial “one child” policy. Plans are being studied to add credit histories, subway travel payments and small purchases charged to the card.


The Chinese government has ordered all large cities to apply technology to police work and to issue high-tech residency cards to 150 million people who have moved to a city but not yet acquired permanent residency.


“If they do not get the permanent card, they cannot live here, they cannot get government benefits, and that is a way for the government to control the population in the future,” said Michael Lin, the vice president for investor relations at China Public Security Technology, the company providing the technology.

Look where the money is coming from for the China Big Brother moment.

Incorporated in Florida, China Public Security has raised much of the money to develop its technology from two investment funds in Plano, Tex., Pinnacle Fund and Pinnacle China Fund. Three investment banks — Roth Capital Partners in Newport Beach, Calif.; Oppenheimer & Company in New York; and First Asia Finance Group of Hong Kong — helped raise the money.

And, finally, just to prove to you that I am not yet certifiable.

New York police announced last month that they would install more than 100 security cameras to monitor license plates in Lower Manhattan by the end of the year. Police officials also said they hoped to obtain financing to establish links to 3,000 public and private cameras in the area by the end of next year; no decision has been made on whether face recognition technology has become reliable enough to use without the risk of false arrests.

Kind of reassuring isn’t it, knowing that you really aren’t paranoid and that it is true:  someone is watching you.

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  1. Lonni permalink
    1 March, 2009 21:15

    I have been issued a NAU license already from the state of North Carolina. It does have an rfid on the back of it. Guess they know I’m sitting here typing this while it snows outside!

    None of this comes as a surprise to me. The Bible is very clear about how things will go in the last days….this is only the beginning. Look to the Lord Jesus Christ ’cause you sure can’t depend on humans. And, love one another.

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