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Iraqi women unsafe, without access to basic services still

10 March, 2009

Last year, an international organization (Oxfam) partnered with Al-Amal Association to conduct a survey of 1,700 women in Iraq. The results are a sampling of how much the war has disrupted the lives of women in Iraq, but the statistics are appalling:

In 2007, a survey found that one third “of the Iraqi population was in need of humanitarian assistance and that essential services were in ruins.”

For the 2008 survey, the focus was on women in five provinces. The largest groups included in the study were widows, many of whom had become the head of household, and who were rapidly falling in poverty. But for all women in Iraq the situation deteriorating and  they are in greater danger of rape, beatings, and other forms of violence. Yet they are offered no assistance by their government and are basically ignored by international organizations.

One quarter of these women have no access to drinking water and  few have access to electricity for more than a few hours.  There is limited access to healthcare and their children many of the children do not attend school.

These women are no different than any other woman in the world who suffer poverty, violence, and the denial of their basic human needs.

The report titled In Her Own Words is available in pdf format (here).  Read more about Oxfam at

War is not the means to Democracy when it is brought by others to your country —- unless they bring you the means to survive as well.

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