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Mass. police: Man killed sisters at birthday party

29 March, 2009

Associated Press 12 hours ago /   Boston.globe 22 minutes ago /

MILTON, Mass. (AP) — Massachusetts police say a 23-year-old man stabbed two of his sisters to death and left a third with serious injuries before being fatally shot by police after getting into an argument during a birthday party.

Revelus had been released a few months ago for a second gun charge;  the first was in 2005 when he tried to intimidate a store clerk by showing him his gun clip, the second charge  in 2007 was for unlawful possession of a firearm, ammunition, and a loaded firearm.

Kerby Revelus was had been suffering from confusion and depression in the past weeks because the two convictions prevented from getting a job.   There were signs that things were getting worse.  Conversation became irrational, , and talk  turned to the meaning of life, and then religion and death. Evidently no one thought to bring in outside help or where to find it.

Revelus’s behavior starkly contrasts with that of his parents, churchgoers who were widely described as hard workers. The mother had a job at a nursing home, Oxilas said. Several neighbors said the father was a Boston school bus driver until recently.

“They tried to raise their kids the right way,” said Marie Simon, a distant relative of the family. “There was no trouble that I know of. I still cannot believe it.”   (

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