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Electrical Grid, Cyberspace, and “other systems” at risk of intrusion.

8 April, 2009

The Wall Street Journal (here) has reported that the U.S. electrical grid and other parts of the infrastructure have been breached by spies and that programs were left behind that would allow “foreign agents” to gain control over our electrical grid, sewage systems, and possibly computer networks.  The Federal government claims that the were not discovered by the companies who manage the utilities or systems, but by their own “intelligence officers.”

The spies came from China, Russia and other countries, these officials said, and were believed to be on a mission to navigate the U.S. electrical system and its controls. The intruders haven’t sought to damage the power grid or other key infrastructure, but officials warned they could try during a crisis or war.


If we go to war with them, they will try to turn them on.” (all bold emphasis mine)

It has not occurred to me for a long time that we might go to war with Russia or China, partly because I think it’s a no-win situation.  Still why raise the bar?


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  1. Sunshinelvr permalink
    9 April, 2009 21:15

    Keep up the good work, cat. I do drop by and read your blogs, but don’t comment very much. (I think this is my first time, actually! ) You write some interesting stuff!

    • 9 April, 2009 21:15

      Thank you, sunshinelvr; I’m glad to hear that on several counts.

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