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Nancy Pelosi, CA Representative (and her out of state donations) – must go in 2010

25 April, 2009

Nancy Pelosi who, many say, was informed about torture techniques during the Bush administration, who refused to  indict the Bush Administration, who helped the Democratic Party pass the Paulson bailout, who used the bailout to benefit her husband’s business in American Samoa and who is Obama’s most admiring sycophant (even Michelle doesn’t think as highly of him) must be ousted as one of California’s representatives. Now is the time to rid ourselves of every representative who supports the current administration, no matter what the political party affiliation is.  If we don’t act now, we may lose the chance to act ever.  If you agree with me and if you live in her district, please begin the campaign NOW.

Open Secrets has this to show for Pelosi’s 2008 election campaign funds. (here).

Nancy Pelosi (D) Winner

Raised: $2,856,945

Spent: $2,727,177

Cash  on  hand: $315,712

as of 31  Dec. 2008

That’s a lot of money for a state representative’s election, I thought, so I took a look at where her donations came from and planned to look where they went.  Open Secrets has a list of 971 individuals that contributed $1,332,888.  I have not checked yet to see where the rest of the money came from, because I got sidetracked a couple of nights when I noticed that people from states other than California were donating to her campaign.  I started separating them out. These are the people whose last name begins with the letter A or B; that is as far as I got.  Look at this total and keep in mind that I still have 24 letters of the alphabet to go. TOTAL $75,700

EMPLOYER                                              CITY, STATE                 AMOUNT

MCA Financial Grp/Consultant                    Phoenix. AZ                       250
Retired                                                             Scottsdale, AZ                     250
Self/Cardiologist                                             Sunset Island, FL              1,000
Albright Group/Executive                             Washington, DC               4,600
Patton Boggs, LLP/Partner                           Washington, DC              1,000
American Life Ins./Agent                               Kirkland, WA                  1,000
Ford Motor Co/Executive                              Washington, DC              1,000
Smith Dawson & Andrewst                            Washington, DC             1,000
Patton Boggs LLP/Partner                             Boulder, CO                    1,000
Homemaker                                                      Chicago, IL                       2,000
Goldman Sachs/Excutive                               New York, N.Y.              1,000
Bailey Pewrrin Bailey                                      Houston, TX                    4,600
Williams Bailey/Attorney                            Houston,TX                       4,600
American Income/ Life Ins.Agt                  Blue Springs, MO             1,000
Homemaker                                                    Houston, TX                     4,600
Self/Fundraising Consultant                      Tucson, AZ                          1,000
Retired                                                          Tucson, AZ                          1,000
Homemaker                                                 Bloomfield, MI                    1,000
Entrecorp/owner                                        Austin, TX                           2,000
Self/Consultant                                            Austin,  TX                          1,000
Homemaker                                                 Austin,  TX                           2,000
Retired                                                          Camano Island, WA            1,000
Distromex/Executive                                 San Antonio, TX                  1,000
AMGEN/Exec                                              Falls Church, VA                 2,300
Trans Healthcare/Exec                              Owings Mills, MD               1,000
Thoughtful Pottery/Owner                        Washington, D.C.                4,600
The Duberstein Group                                Washington, D.C.                4,600
Retired                                                           Pittsburgh, PA                        500
Sam Bernstein & Assoc/Atty                     Famington Hills, MI            1,000
Jorden Bert LLP/                                        Annapolis, MD                      1,000
Government Relations
Self/Writer                                                   Santa Fe, NM                        4,600
American Income/ Life Ins.Agt                Raleigh, NC                            1,000
Blancato & Assoc/Executvie                     Washington, D.C.                   1,800
American Income/ Life Ins.Agt               Appleton, WI                          1,000
Retired                                                         Scottsdale, AZ                            200
Patton Boggs, LLP/ Attorney                  Washington, D.C.                     4,600
Retired                                                         Rockville, MD                          1,000
Bergner, Bockorny,                                    McLean, VA                             4,600
Castagnetti, HA/
Self/Cardiologist                                       Scottsdale, AZ                               250
Akin Gump/Attorney                              Chevy Chase, MD                         250
Retired                                                       Rye,NY                                           500
Brunettu Organization/Realtor              Bal Harbour, FL                        1,000
Sales Force.Com/Executive                    Chevy Chase, MD                     1,000


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  1. sunshinelvr permalink
    25 April, 2009 21:15

    Wow, Cat, you have been busy! I agree , she needs to go. However, I do not live in California, so I don’t get a vote. If I did, rest assured, she would not get my vote!

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