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this post is for Sean of rumproast

6 May, 2009


I was delighted to see that you like Paganini; so do I – and my son and husband.  My husband is an extraordinary guitarist with a wide range of knowledge and styles.  He played for a brief time professionally but decided it wasn’t the life for him.  We may have more in common than you think.

I was touched by the fact that you almost felt sorry for our tight financial system; for a moment there I thought you might be shaking off your slumber in the dark night.  At least, I can hope.

I am sorry my “tedious rants” bore you.  Are they tedious because they are too long to read?  Or because you aren’t interested in anything that requires real thought?   Maybe, it’s just that my words are too hard for you to understand.

I know why you think they are rants.

I hope this post is easier for you to read.

Keep listening to classical music and strumming on your guitar.   Your brain will devlop more complex passageways (neruons)  which will stand you in good stead when you grow up.

best wishes from the catsden

ps.  Since I am always willing to learn from an honest critic, what about the design of my blog do you dislike?

This is for you, Sean, and others who wish to here Paganini.  Sean, you won’t mind if she is just a young girl, will you?

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  1. sean from rr permalink
    1 July, 2009 21:15

    (I just found this while checking for “stalkers” to feed my idle curiosity. And yes, that email will reach my real address, so feel free to reply here or email me if you want to converse.)

    As for design critique, the only problems I see are that the site is too wide (I have to scroll horizontally on an 800-wide browser), possibly because of the masthead, and the maroon text is not that appealing.

    As for Paganini and the guitar, I’m more a fan of Bach (ask your husband about his lute suites), and I gave up playing some years back, when Real Life got in the way. I wish I hadn’t. As for the player being “just a young girl,” I have nothing against either, though her creepy joylessness bothers me; her parents must be proud.

    Anyways, politics is ugly business, and I doubt we’ll ever agree there, but it’s good to see that we can at least find common ground in music.

    • 1 July, 2009 21:15

      Thanks for the reply Sean. I wondered if you’d ever see my post. BTW, I am familiar with Bach and don’t really need to ask anyone else.

      • sean from rr permalink
        2 July, 2009 21:15

        I didn’t intend my comment to be a swipe, if you took it that way. In my experience there’s a huge difference between listening to Bach’s music and playing and/or studying it. If your husband has tried playing Bach on the guitar, he probably appreciates both the structure of it, and the difficulty of trying to play polyphonic music on a guitar.

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