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An American Fairy Tale

14 July, 2009

Once in last September, an American Midas went to his friend the Money Man and admitted that he’d made some bad investments.  “I need help or I will fail, but I am the force behind this country and it would be bad for this country if I were to fail.”  Money Man went to the Duly Selected and his House of Approvers.  He demanded more money; he did not need to explain why, but he made up a story anyway for the Approvers to tell the people that paid their way.  “There is a big problem with money in our country right now,” the Approvers told the people, “It is your fault and you will have to pay to solve it, but we will do what is necessary on your behalf even though you are unworthy.  We will need to borrow lots of money from the Money Making Company and you and your inheritors will have to pay back it back.”  Of course, the people not wanting to be bothered to think too hard and filled with love for the Duly Selected gasped and oohed and aahed and then went about their business of trying to survive.  The Money Making Company worked night and day hammering out shiny new money which the Approvers gave to the Money Man after the Duly Selected said it was okay.  The Money Man gave some money to the American Midas, but he gave a lot more to a Wanna-be Midas and other Midas-in-the-Making Companies so his plan would work more smoothly.  At first, the people did not know that the American Midas was getting money from the Wanna-be-Midas, but some people began to be suspicious; they were mostly ignored. Most of the companies were still in distress but that did not matter because with luck they would eventually be okay.  The people were also still in distress but it would take longer than eventually for them to be okay. But the American Midas was saved from embarrassment and poverty and was soon raking in more shiny new money.

And that is the American way.

if you don’t get the parallel yet, read the success story here and read some of the background here

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