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The never-ending cycle

27 October, 2009


I suggest we all prepare ourselves for a GOP majority in the house and senate real soon.

Since late June, support for Republican candidates has ranged from 41% to 44%, while support for Democrats has run from 36% to 40%. Looking back one year ago, the two parties were in a much different place. Throughout the summer of 2008, support for Democratic congressional candidates ranged from 45% to 48%. Republican support ranged from 34% to 37%.

New polls find that the number of conservatives are the highest they have been in over 4 years. And you all thought the whole conservatives in power thing would end in 2008 right? Wrong. Well blame your fellow democratic leaders for installing an empty-promising liar.

I guess since a real democrat hasn’t been in office in over 8 years people have forgotten what true democratic progressive policies look like- thus mistaking Obama’s special interest favoring policies as democratic policies – thus moving people away from real democratic issues and winding up right where they started in 2004 – thus the never ending cycle.


The more time goes on the more Obama’s approval ratings slip. He has experienced the worst poll rating drop in more than 50 years! The support he has on key issues from healthcare to the deficit, from human rights to the war on Afghanistan continues to crumble. And his continuations of Bush’s unpopular policies on torture, terrorism, state secrets, bailouts among many others isn’t furthering democratic principles in the least.

And I don’t blame people shifting their stances on issues because with a Democrat like Barack Obama who needs Republicans? Why should citizens of this country be loyal to a party whose leader isn’t loyal to the issues it champions?

Truth is, we are all right back where we started. Conservatives are hip again (not), Presidents are on never ending trips again, and people who want real change have to wait until the democratic party gets their act together again.

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