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Tennessee Tenth Amendment Resolution update and an apology

31 October, 2009

Back in February of this year, I posted about the Tennessee resolution to affirm states rights.  here

That post is still getting readers and there are many searches for any information about the Amendment.  I apologize for not following up on it.   On the 27th of June, the Governor of Tennessee signed the Resolution after it had been passed by both the state senate and house.    here

While HJR0108 is strongly-word in support of the principles of limited, constitutional government that the 10th Amendment represents, it is a Joint Resolution and does not carry with it the force of law.  But supporters say that this is an important first step to get their message out not only to grassroots supporters, but to the media, and legislators in other states as well.

The Tenth Amendment Center also posts a map displaying action taken by individual states. here

As they say at the site “Follow-up, of course, is a must.” I apologize for not posting about this before.

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  1. 26 November, 2009 21:15

    We can take control of the House of Representatives to restore the 10th Amendment in the next election cycle. To see how, visit Laboratory of the States.

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