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Russia as a Democracy?

12 November, 2009

This story at the BBC Medvedev calls for economy reform suggests that it is what Dmitry Medvedev intends to aim for.

The Soviet model no longer worked, he said, and Russia’s survival depended on rapid modernisation based on democratic institutions.

I read the words several times, looking for a hint of duplicity in Medvedev’s word, but could only see the great irony of Russia’s president promising, transparency, an “intelligent, free and responsible people,” living in a society that no longer tolerates corruption or supports large state or inefficient corporations.

I’m surprised all over. I’m also doubtful about the outcome, but I would certainly like to see that transformation come about in my lifetime. The U.S. follows the model of the old Soviet and the new Russia follows the model of the old U.S.    ROFLMAO


Anyone out there have an idea what is going on?


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