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Boards and Panels: the new enemy of women?

20 November, 2009

New guidelines have been announced by the American College of obstetrician and Gynecologists:   Report: Push Back Age of Cervical Cancer Tests

Following suggestions that women don’t really need mammograms every year comes this new set of guidelines that suggest that

women younger than 30 should undergo cervical cancer screening once every two years instead of an annual exam. And those age 30 and older can be screened once every three years.

But wait here is an interesting final sentence to the Reuters story:

In the past 30 years, cervical cancer rates in the United States have fallen by more than half, due in large part to widespread use of cervical cancer screening.

Maybe that’s the problem. Too many women living because of early cancer detection – breast or cervical. First we are told that we must have universal health care because too many people are not getting the service they need, including pregnant women and sexually active teenagers. Then we are told that the services that have cut breast and cervical cancer rates in the U.S. (and actually reduced deaths from all forms of cancer overall) are being conducted too often. Skip the test, take a chance, and – just maybe – die.   Outrageous!

See the paranoia is getting to me, too.  But I have a right to be paranoid; several members of my family survived because of early screening.

Maybe the release of all these stories within a few days is a way of diverting attention from the health care provisions being offered by our Congressional “leaders.” Maybe, it is the health industry’s way of scaring us, hoping that we can stop Congress.

I don’t know but tomorrow looks to be an important day for women’s rights.

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