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PETN, the explosive of choice for the underpants bomber, enters the US legally in North Carolina port. WHY?

12 January, 2010

Where is Homeland Security when you need them?  What measures will be instituted to protect us from similar disasters?

Nine containers of PETN were damaged when a worker accidently punctured the cardboard drums.  Some PETN spilled onto the dock.  Residents near the port were told to leave immediately and others were told to stay away from windows and doors.  here

The shipment of PETN was not unexpected.

This is the first time in two years PETN has come into Morehead City, and the shipment was approved by the Coast Guard, [Morehead City Fire Chief Wes] Lail said.

No one will say who was to receive the shipment.

A company called Maxam UEB shipped the PETN, said Karen Fox, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina State Ports Authority, but she did not know where in the U.S. it was headed.

MAXAM  UEB owns the trademark shown below.    You can enlarge the registration of the International Mark to see the information provided on the form or follow this link.

I am still looking for information about this “group” who can bring far more PETN into the United States legally. Why is the receiver of the “package” unknown? The timing of this accident is curious is it not?

Anyone know something they’d like to share?

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