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Update on MAXAM UEB

13 January, 2010

This site, which lists MAXAM UEB as makers of explosives, led me to this site (identifying them as part of MAXAM) which in turn led me to this one (a mission statement of sorts).   It was obvious from the start that the PETN which leaked out of the container on to the North Carolina dock yesterday was intended for military or civilian explosive use (though I still don’t know why there was secrecy about the destination).  After reading this page, however, I was struck by how easily the words de-militarization and environment have become a part of mission statements around the world and how meaningless they have become from such overuse.

The wide range of products produced and sold by MAXAM on the five continents is the basis of a good part of the progress and development of the society in which we live.

The mining, quarrying and construction industries have strategic allies in the Civil Explosives Business Area offering expert technical advice and a full range of explosives, initiation systems and specific services to optimize their activities. A target shared by MAXAM´s Technical Service, that contributes by providing the most adequate formula for the use of our products with the aim of improving productivity and reducing operating costs.

Our Outdoors Business Area offers hunters and shooters cartridges of proven quality for their different modes of sporting activities.

Our nitrochemical activity, Chem, is focused on providing the basic key raw materials for MAXAM‘s companies and subsidiaries and developing products that contribute to improving energy performance.

Defence offers different governments and armed forces a wide range of ammunition as well as the most modern facilities for de-militarization in order to destroy and recycle obsolete or expired munitions, as well as decontamination and cleaning of military use land.

Exhaustive knowledge of our production processes enables us to offer the most complete technical advice on matters of safety and environment from Energy as well as putting important soil fertilization projects into practice in addition obtaining energy via wind parks, a practice in line with our policy on sustainable development.

A wide range of activities can be carried out to the highest quality and safety standards while respecting the environment. Additionally, significant investment in R&D&I, one of MAXAM‘s principal assets and the starting point for the design of products and technical advice is aimed at satisfying the demands of our clients.

So now that I have identified who MAXAM UEB is and what they do, I’d like to offer one suggestion:  When shipping such a dangerous chemical as PETN, use something stronger than cardboard casks.  I’d hate to see a city wiped out because of an accidental spill.  (Wait! That almost happened on “24” last year and only Jack’s willingness to sacrifice himself saved all of Washington from disaster.)

Let’s hope that the shipment of PETN within the borders of the United States is more closely supervised for security and “safety.”

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