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“it is not a man’s job to take life,” said the man explaining why he killed.

30 January, 2010

Scott Roeder killed Dr. Scott Tiller because his belief system taught him that abortion is a form of killing. How is this notion defensible?  If you believe that killing is wrong, then how can you kill (except perhaps in self-defense)?

When your invisible friend tells you that you are right and that others are wrong, you have carte blanche to do whatever you want. So you can kill whomever you define as “enemy.” An enemy is someone who is not like us. The other who looks different, who believes differently, who perceives the world differently.

Thou shalt not kill is a commandment from the Christian God-figure.  But it has never deterred Christians from killing other Christians (the Crusades, Inquisitions, Salem Witch Trials, Puritans killing Quakers, etc, etc).   It most certainly did not deter the Christians who came to here to seek a new way of life from killing all the “savages” and “heretics” that stood in their way – even driving out their own who questioned their beliefs, Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson.   God deemed that the land should be ours, even if it meant killing every native man, woman, and child that stood in our way.

It isn’t just Christians, though. The other two branches of the Abrahamic religions – Judaism (out of Abraham’s convenant with God and his son Isaac), Christianity (out of Christ’s New Word – Gospel) and Islam (out of Abraham’s son Ishmael and God’s convenant with Abraham) are equally inclined to violence as a defense of their personal and often conflicting beliefs. Genesis 17: 15-19

It isn’t just the Abrahamic religions either.  Mankind has been practicing war in the name of gods too numerous to write about and some whose name I don’t yet know.

Mankind simply makes war on each other.  Belief (whatever name we give our own – god, truth, duty, competition, acquisition) is simply the justification for what happens. Belief requires Faith.  It is the justification mankind has always used for doing whatever harm is done and what allows us to sleep peacefully at night.

Belief is the antithesis of Reason.  Did Scott Roeder have a reason to kill Dr. Tiller?  His religious beliefs told him he did.  Luckily, the jury did not accept his belief as an excuse for murder.

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