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At least the European Parliament can say no to the U.S. government.

11 February, 2010

The European Parliament has said no to U.S. monitoring of financial transactions in the European Union citing the need for greater privacy protections. One amusing twist to the story is that several EU governments had already agreed to a deal to allow monitoring, but the deal was rejected by members of the European Parliament on a vote of 378 to 96 (31 MEPs abstained).

The most startling news was that the U.S. had been gathering the data secretly since 2001 and was not detected until 2006.

The US started accessing Swift data after the 11 September 2001 terror attacks on New York and Washington.

But the fact that the US was secretly accessing such data did not come to light until 2006. BBC News

Amazing!  The U.S. government not only breached its own laws about spying on citizens, it did so in Europe.  It took the Europeans a while to find out and three more years for the EP to put a stop to the practice.  Now if the U.S. would only follow suit.

I wonder if the U.S. is secretly monitoring all phone calls, SMS, and e-mail circulating in Europe too.

And the U.S. is angry too, so do you think they will stop?

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