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Help! The Puritans have hijacked the U.S.A.

22 March, 2010

Some people forget that the Puritans came to the U.S. to proselytize and convert ALL heathens. In a mass rewriting of history, people like to forget how the Puritans butchered or drove out anyone who disagreed with them, including Catholics, Quakers, and doubters among their own “fellowship.”

The men who created this United States of America were not Puritans; they were educated men from many, many religions in the colonies and they spent years trying to write a Constitution and Bill of Rights that protected “everyone” from religious persecution.  They went so far that they declared that there would always be a separation of church and state in this country.  Remember that they did not create a Democracy;  they created a Republic.

Unfortunately, all fundamentalists hate anyone who is not them and this weekend they proved that they can intimidate our representatives into doing their bidding at the expense of all Americans who disagree with them.   Obama, who just a few years ago,  supported late term abortions played to the fundamentalists who believe they have a right to tell you how to live and so this weekend he was able to claim victory for his health care plan.

This victory is a sad one for all Americans (excepting, of course, the Puritanical among us).

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