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Israel can do no wrong.

31 May, 2010

Even before the Somali-esque Israeli pirates boarded the aid flotilla at night  in international water armed with weapons and wearing armour, the outcome was decided.  They would haul the boats to Israel and sort through the aid packages, deport the activists, and declare themselves victims once again.  Supporters of Israel would beat their chests and talk of hatred and anti-Semitism, even though they aren’t the only Semites in the world.  How does anyone not understand?

Israel was chosen by God to be his people.  All Jews are “The Chosen,” which suggests that any non-Jew has no value, especially those who resist them.  This idea is a part of the Jewish narrative from earliest history, but the great irony is that they learned how to fully implement this narrative from the pure “Aryan Racism” of Hitler.

Gaza is a concentration camp:  no one gets in or out without Israeli consent; the entire population receives minimum supplies of food, medicine, building materials, and other necessities of life at the will of Israel.  Military incursions occur to keep the populace in order.  The suffering and degradation inside Gaza is of no importance to Israel, because the people of Gaza have no value to them.  Only the land does.

We hear constantly about the terrorism of Palestinians against Israel, but never does Israel acknowledge its own role in the history of terrorism as a tool to grab Palestinian land in the creation of their “god-given” land.  Here on YouTube if you can face the truth.  Israel as the model for modern terrorism.

Religion can be a dangerous thing in the hands of elitists.  Zionism is the extension Israel’s self-determined superiority, an aid to the theft of land and resources from any non-Israelite, an affirmation that all that Israel does is right whether it is human rights violations, disregard for International law, the need to ignore all human suffering outside its ever-expanding borders.

No wonder the U.S. is such a close ally of Israel;  they share the same approach to “manifest destiny.”

Call me names if you will; unless you offer solid argument I don’t care what you have to say.

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