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Utopia is an idea whose time will never come.

9 July, 2010

The term “utopia” is implies a contradiction of massive nature.  Humans are not stamped from one mold; rather we are a wondrous mix of genes that are never precisely the same.  How could we live in a world where we are all equal and entitled?  How could we live with these myriad emotions and needs that sometimes overtake even the most honest, pious, kindest, decent among us and not bring harm to one another?

The story of Eden is a perfect example.  The maker created a man who pleased him/her, but soon discovered that Eden was not enough for this first man.  The maker decided to create a mate, but failed in his first attempt – a woman named Lilith, who stories say, refused to remain subservient to Adam.  [Good on her!].  The maker then tried again to create the perfect mate for Adam, being very careful to create a “lesser” being.  The maker still failed because when this second woman was tempted/seduced/wanted more in life she offered to share with Adam and he accepted.   Let’s face it Adam made a choice here; he’d already had one wife and he knew the maker would give him another.  Why would he not have said no to the woman’s offer and try again?  Okay, so I don’t get the whole “let’s blame Eve” thing, but my point is that the very first two (or three) human beings were not happy in this Eden that was perfect in all ways – except for them and that  forbidden tree.  They wanted more.  Don’t we all?  Human Nature at odds with Perfection.

There has never been an Eden, a Perfect Union, and probably no such thing as heaven, except in the imagination of men and women.  It is is dream which stands in complete contrast to every society that humankind has built and helps to explain why every society that humankind has ever built has always failed to live up to its promise and eventually fell.  History teaches us this, but each new civilization believes that it will be different.  Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, Mexico – all ancient civilizations whose ruins thrill us – fell, not in day or one year, but over time as  corruption spread through its religions, politics, populace, and ruling classes.

Recent history suggests that like the Roman Republic which inspired our founders, these United States shall fall apart through our own human failings.   Can we stop it?  Can we think outside the box and recognize that which  all other attempts in history have failed to see, that there is no perfection.  There is only the attempt to achieve perfection, freedom to live and pursue what in our own lives pleases us, and that no one should have the power to control, deny, monitor those pursuits – not church, nor state, nor elite, so long as we do no harm to other beings.

The real question is: are you willing to allow fellow citizens the same freedom to live as you would live and the right to succeed or fail as you want for yourself?  Because if you are not, then we shall surely fail.

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