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re: Greed vs. Ethics – Monsanto

3 January, 2011

Nothing says Greed vs. Ethics like this statement.

Phil Angell, Monsanto’s director of corporate communications (referring to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) explained the company’s regulatory philosophy to Michael Pollan in 1998:    “Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food.  Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible.  Assuring its safety is FDA’s job.” [emphasis mine]    HERE

Angell’s statement is clear; he doesn’t care if the food is safe or dangerous, he only needs to make as much money as he can for his staff and shareholders by selling it anyway.  Whether you get sick, die or live is immaterial to his prime motivation:  make more money.

A few days ago I found a story about Monsanto and Xe (the name Blackwater adopted after their original name had been sullied by information coming out of Iraq especially and elsewhere in the world.)

Many military and former CIA officers work for Blackwater or related companies created to divert attention from their bad reputation and make more profit selling their nefarious services-ranging from information and intelligence to infiltration, political lobbying and paramilitary training – for other governments, banks and multinational corporations. According to Scahill, business with multinationals, like Monsanto, Chevron, and financial giants such as Barclays and Deutsche Bank, are channeled through two companies owned by Erik Prince, owner of Blackwater: Total Intelligence Solutions and Terrorism Research Center. These officers and directors share Blackwater.


However, Scahill has copies of emails from Cofer Black after the meeting with Wilson for Monsanto, where he explains to other former CIA agents, using their Blackwater e-mails, that the discussion with Wilson was that Total Intelligence had become “Monsanto’s intelligence arm,” spying on activists and other actions, including “our people to legally integrate these groups.” Total Intelligence Monsanto paid $ 127,000 in 2008 and $ 105,000 in 2009.   [emphsis mine]Here

Also, search “Monsanto Xe” for more information.

I’d already known Monsanto as one of the evil empire corporations for many years because of their complete disregard for human safety and the environment*, but I decided to take a quick look at the history anyway.  I find just the summary ghastly.  Read it for yourself and then come back and tell me if you don’t think that our most pressing problem is to break up the military-commercial-government triumvirate.

*for more about Agent Orange see HERE

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