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Reason triumphs in California

7 February, 2012

Proposition 8, which passed in California in 2008, was overturned today by the California 9th circuit court. The decision reaffirmed the right of gays to marry, although it will not take effect immediately. The ruling does not apply to other states, but the reasoning behind the ruling, that no state has a legitimate right to legislate against, should eventually lend support to challenges by other states and to eventual Federal endorsement of gay rights.

The main argument against gay rights is based on religious beliefs that marriage is a privilege or duty reserved only for one man and one woman. The strength of this belief has prevailed for years against the logical assumption that everyone ought to enjoy the same rights in the country as others, so long as it does not impinge on anyone else. Needless to say there will be challenges to this new ruling. However, the argument that the ban violates the 14th Amendment should eventually carry the decision to victory.

There is hope yet, that the “Puritans” among us will lose their ability to dictate right and wrong to all citizens in the U.S. and that those decisions will be based on reason, not belief.

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  1. dailypuma permalink
    4 February, 2014 21:15

    I think there is a deeper issue burning here. Rather than take the intellectually superior position that a Gay marriage is no different than any heterosexual couple who marries unable to conceive kids, (there are virtually no outside of religion arguments to wage against that position) Gay Marriage compared itself to a heterosexual couple who can conceive. That is such an in your face position to take, and it’s not true either.

    Heterosexuals who care about not impregnating or becoming pregnant “too soon” in a relationship have to follow more complex courtship practices that then follow them into married life as well. To imply that a gay marriage is identical to this is an intellectual lie.

    What we ended up with was a false gay marriage controversy that never needed to happen and now every year the gay movement will bring up their falsely fabricated controversy as if it was the third coming of civil rights.

    The Gay Marriage “controversy” could all have been avoided if the Gay Marriage movement had simply demanded treatment equal to what a heterosexual couple that cannot conceive is afforded.

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