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Why does Jamie Dimon deserve 20 million dollars for last year’s work?

24 January, 2014

Here is the story in The Guardian.

And Here is a post I wrote in 2009.  Dimon made special friends when he was “exiled” to Chicago.  Guess who they were and how they helped him.

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  1. dailypuma permalink
    4 February, 2014 21:15

    I heard an interesting comment on the Tim Conway Jr. show on KFI-640AM. Conway is conservative and was mocking the comment, but it was a powerful comment none the less.

    Apparently Barack Obama was bemoaning to a few african american celebrities that he did not have the business contacts to get things done. While Conway sort of mocked this position, I think it was probably true.

    However, even if Barack Obama had realized how hard it would have been to make change because of his lack of business connections, I don’t think he would have changed a thing in 2008 when Hillary Clinton was sideswiped to the detriment of the middle class.

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