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Obomba opened his mouth once too often.

21 April, 2014

When our resident Bomber-in-chief told us that he ordered the drone strike that killed Anwar Al-Awlaki, he opened a unexpected constitutional door, something I’m sure he never intended.

Despite the government’s claim that the papers relating to the strike could not be released, and despite the fact that a circuit court judge had upheld that argument, government officials talked about the strike (including our “I’m really good at killing people” president my post HERE).

Luckily for us, a panel of judges ruled that after government officials had talked about the strike, there could no longer be any objection about releasing information requested by the ACLU and 2 reporters for the New York Times.

Whatever documents pertain to the decision for the drone strike must now be released. Citizens of the U.S. will now have a chance to understand what drives the choice to kill another U.S. citizen without trial in open court. Whether this will simply be a precedent for democracy or a lesson for the government to keep its secrets secret remains to be seen.

full story HERE at the New York Times

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