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CIA joins NSA in hot seat. Obama to protect them.

11 April, 2014

A leak of a list of findings by the Senate Intelligence Committee HERE indicates that the CIA lied, denied its use of brutality during interrogations, misled the press, the public and the government, and spied on the the Committee’s members who were assessing the program itself , in addition to brutalizing many more detainees than it has admitted to.

Dianne Feinstein has asked the White House to release the report to the public so that we may know what has been done in “our name.” but the White House seems to be balking. In fact:

the White House announced last week that the CIA will lead the executive-branch panel that will recommend how much of the Senate report’s executive summary, findings and recommendations to make public, a decision blasted by human-rights groups and intelligence scholars as a conflict of interest. HERE [EMPHASIS MINE]

A lawyer who would appoint the suspect to investigate himself becomes suspect by his actions, but evidently Obama feels no need to justify himself nor to protect the Constitution. I wonder where his true allegiance lies.

One thing is certain: things have certainly changed in the U.S.

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