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  1. Dominique permalink
    11 March, 2009 21:15

    I want my information taken off your site!
    You wanted to DESTROY Obama – for WHAT?!

    And you put my name along with others who DONATED from overseas on the INTERNET?!!!!

    I am OUTRAGED! I AM AN AMERICAN! And I have a RIGHT to give to whom I damn well Please!

    • 11 March, 2009 21:15


      I am sorry that you are so angry. The Federal Elections Commission publishes all information it receives from the contributions to election campaigns. Your name is available on their website. If you are listed as a foreign donor, it is because the Obama campaign did not record your citizenship. Unfortunately, a lot of people who are not citizens donated and voted in this past election – that is NOT anyone’s right.

      Many people are concerned that our election laws were so blatantly ignored. Look up David Axelrod, Chicago Illinois. He is one of Obama’s advisers. He donated more than the legal limit and made no attempt to disguise his name. Do you believe he does not know the law? Many people made up names addresses and occupations to hide the fact that they were donating beyond the legal limit.

      The lists were published to bring awareness to this problem and to encourage better oversight and enforcement of our laws. Our effort is on-going. Whoever your candidate is, I hope you will always want him/her to follow the law.

      If you want to send me more than your first name, I will see if a correction to your information can be made.

  2. Lu4Puma permalink
    12 March, 2009 21:15


    So sorry for your discomfort. However, if you are an American Citizen you should know that information on campaign contributions are public information. You could request the host blank out your name and I am sure she would accommodate you. However it is also posted on the internet by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Here is a direct link to your information:

    The Obama Campaign has been irresponsible about verifying citizenship of donations coming from foreign addresses. They should have requested a copy of your passport. Any person living abroad who is not an American Citizen and has contributed to the Obama Campaign, is subject to fines and penalties, although it is doubtful there would be criminal actions.

    The requirement is basically that you be a citizen or a resident. If you have not sent your passport or citizenship verification in to the Obama Campaign, it is suggested that you do so, with a copy to the FEC. . Otherwise it is suggested that you request a refund and notify the FEC of the mistake.

    As far as the Obama Administration is concerned, we are protesting his fraudulent candidacy and their incompetence and corruption. American is about Liberty and Justice for all and needs of leader of wisdom, strength and integrity. The campaign has currently spent $259 million more than they can account for in receipts. We are requesting an audit of his campaign funds.

  3. 14 March, 2009 21:15

    Hi, I like your blog. I try to cover the eligibility issues also. Can we exchange links? I’ll put you on my blog roll.

  4. Dominique permalink
    30 March, 2009 21:15

    Thank you for replying. However, I do not agree with your premise in any way. And I DID give my passport info when I made my donations – so your assumptions are incorrect. I have MANY friends who are Americans and also living overseas and we are ALL outraged over your attempt to slander and defame this election. We feel insulted. And yes, many of us Americans have foreign sounding names and/or even live in foreign countries!

    Moreover, I also received calls from the Obama campagin after I gave to verify my passport and citizenship. In fact, I was beginning to get a little paranoid that I got so many calls from them. But since I gave numerous times, I guess they needed to verify it as many times.

    I can only say, that you need to get over it and realize that you were wrong on this issue.

    There are more important things facing our country – like health care and child care for our children, education, and jobs. Spend your time on things that matter – not reliving a past that existed only in your head.

    Move towards the future and stop rehashing the loss. You can vote again in 2012.

    • 30 March, 2009 21:15

      Not rehashing anything and certainly not living in the past.. Just trying to hold people accountable. It is not my responsibility if your information did not get properly listed. You are the one who is so outraged and angry. We are just making sure our laws are upheld. You voted for him, but lucky you you don’t have to live here.

    • Lu4Puma permalink
      30 March, 2009 21:15


      If you are a US Citizen and support BO, why are you upset about your name being listed? Didn’t you know that contributions to political campaigns are public information? What is insulting about it? You are on a list of people contributing from foreign countries. If you are a US Citizen and have been paying your income tax, you should have no problem.

      We sure are worried about healthcare, education and jobs over here and we are really pissed off that your BO has been allocating all the countries economic recovery funds to the grafters and banksters on Wall Street. The people who need it may see 20% of that money for health, education, and jobs. Obama is a Pig. He has filled his administration with crooks and frauds and they are stealing every thing they can get their hands on. We need to get him out of office as soon as possible.

      So before you decide who is on the wrong side of the issues, maybe you should consider the consequences of supporting an unqualified fraud for president of a country whose economic stability effects the entire world.

      How about an audit of those campaign finances? Yea.

  5. Sunshinelvr permalink
    21 April, 2009 21:15

    I ran aacross some information that I did not know. I wondered if you were aware of this site. Understand I am just passing the information on, that does not mean I have completely checked out all of the site.Okay?

    I read your blog, I just rarely leave comments. I try to read all the PUMA blogs, and as you know, there are many, many.

  6. 24 October, 2009 21:15

    Just a FYI: the second link on your Goldman post, which I believe is intended to go to an article, comes up blank. Perhaps the article referred to has been taken down.

  7. 30 October, 2009 21:15

    Just read your comment at my blog. I think Jefferson or Adams wrote a book on the cultural differences existing between Mass and VA back then. Even though communications and transportation have advanced since then (which has had an integrative effect on the culture), I suspect that the sheer territory now involved (across the continent alone…but also going to HI and AK too) cannot but be diverse. I believe that federalism is a political structure that can accommodate such inherent heterogeneity as is in an empire-scale country. On your point about slow rational decision in amending the constitution, there is a book that calls such a thing “a constitutional moment.” In a representative democracy, such moments are not meant to be typical (hence representatives). I believe that such a moment is now called for with respect to our system of public governance so we can decide whether we want to go back to a federal system or get rid of the states (or make them districts of the US Government). Either way, I think a decision is better than having the system inadvertantly change as a byproduct of whatever issue is being legislated at the moment. To be sure, consolidation is an option. It would put pressure on representational principles at such a scale (i.e., Washington being far away from most of us), but there have been empires that have not been strong republics (e.g. USSR, Russia, and China). I suspect the State governments will continue along the trend of consolidation at their expense, with Washington gaining more and more power (which favors the anti-democratic forces, such as Wall St houses). At a certain point, I find myself wondering why I even make the arguments.
    Anyway, I appreciate your comment on the history.

    • 30 October, 2009 21:15

      Sometimes, it does seem as though one is arguing with hurricane-force winds; but I do believe it is important to one’s own integrity to “make the arguments.” I fear for the future of this country; but if I don’t speak up, I am consenting to a direction that I don’t believe in.

      Thank you for commenting on my comment. RFLOL

  8. 19 July, 2010 21:15

    I was reading your post on Goldman and noticed you have my blog as euandus3. I’ve since named the blog “The Worden Report.” If you could show this rather than euandus3 as the name, I would appreciate it.


    p.s. great minds much think alike! …we both wrote posts on Goldman along similar lines.

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