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Oregon family blames cat for its own behaviour

12 March, 2014

The story of a 22 pound Himalyan which trapped its owners and their seven month old baby in their bedroom HERE was brought to my attention by my daughter last night Today, I listened to the recording of the husband’s emergency call and discovered that he had misrepresented the facts. According to the original story, the baby had pulled the cat’s tail and the cat had responded (as most cats will) by slashing at her attacker. According to the father, the boy had only one or two tiny scratches on his forehead.

However, the father reacted in a rather violent manner himself by kicking the cat hard and the cat became enraged thereafter going after the parents.

I have throughout my lifetime owned cats and dogs and know that they can sometimes inflect slight wounds when threatened, but I also know that cats can be gently distracted when threatened. Nowhere did I find a reference indicating that the animal handler who answered the emergency call was attacked.

In this instance, the owners of the cat indicated that the animal had a history of violence. So I wonder why they kept the violent cat, allowed it to have access to a seven-month child. Would they have kicked an older child if it had scratched the baby in retaliation?

I have in my life lived with cats and dogs and for many years with children present as well. Right now, I have a five year old grandchild, a dog, a 3 cats. The child respects the animals and they respect her. Occasionally, the animals inflict a minor scratch on us but none of us has ever responded by kicking the animal. They know by a simple “no” or a
word of pain, “ouch,” that they have done wrong. It’s about training and patience and if you don’t have any, don’t live with animal.

At present the owners are trying to decide what to do with the cat. The only real options are to “to put it down” or to put it up for adoption. Please, please someone step forward and offer this cat a home where it can live out it’s life. Some kindness and training might reveal another sweeter side of its character.

Anyone else agree?

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  1. dailypuma permalink
    23 March, 2014 21:15

    22 pound cat could mean the cat has been overfed, pregnant, or might have a tumor, no?

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