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Distopia is Upon Us

27 February, 2014

Some psychopath(s) must have read 1984* as a guidebook to a disutopian future rather than as a warning or an insight into the dangerous possibility of one and decided to put it into existence. I don’t claim to know who it is/was or when it began but the existence of an us or them outlook, the “western” nations vs. the “eastern” nations, the constant state of war, the increasing poverty in even the “wealthiest” nations and the recognition that the wealth of those nations is held by small percentage of its population as well as the increase of “new speak” are frightening indicators of how far we have progressed along the path toward Oceania. [*available on the main page heading at Why News Speak?]

The recent revelations from the files Edward Snowden released to The Guardian’s former writer Glen Greenwald have shown us how much further along the process is than many of us suspected. It was implicit that Nations spied upon one another under certain circumstances, but the few of us suspected that our own governments were actually spying on us, accumulating personal data from our emails, phone calls, browsing habits, GPS, tablets and that we did not need to be a “person-of-interest” for this to be true. In the past few days, we have also been told that our web cams can not only be viewed when we are using them, but that they can be turned on remotely and that photos of us can be taken and stored indefinitely, run through face recognition software and shared with possible “suspects.”

Glen Greenwald has also told us

that western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. HERE

In the article cited above, Greenwald provides links to four documents published in a series he wrote for NBC as well as another in the article he is writing for These documents should arouse fear and anger at the lengths the NSA and GCHQ have gone to subvert the freedoms of its own citizens, using tactics that were once used against the enemies of those freedoms, including Germany during WWII and the USSR during the Cold War.

It is not enough to be a terrorist nor a criminal to bring the intelligence community into your life, and the fact that you have done nothing wrong is clearly not going to save you from being spied upon.

If only Orwell had provided a primer for how to prevent or to bring down this subversion of our liberties, freedom, and daily lives.


Why does Jamie Dimon deserve 20 million dollars for last year’s work?

24 January, 2014

Here is the story in The Guardian.

And Here is a post I wrote in 2009.  Dimon made special friends when he was “exiled” to Chicago.  Guess who they were and how they helped him.

Reason triumphs in California

7 February, 2012

Proposition 8, which passed in California in 2008, was overturned today by the California 9th circuit court. The decision reaffirmed the right of gays to marry, although it will not take effect immediately. The ruling does not apply to other states, but the reasoning behind the ruling, that no state has a legitimate right to legislate against, should eventually lend support to challenges by other states and to eventual Federal endorsement of gay rights.

The main argument against gay rights is based on religious beliefs that marriage is a privilege or duty reserved only for one man and one woman. The strength of this belief has prevailed for years against the logical assumption that everyone ought to enjoy the same rights in the country as others, so long as it does not impinge on anyone else. Needless to say there will be challenges to this new ruling. However, the argument that the ban violates the 14th Amendment should eventually carry the decision to victory.

There is hope yet, that the “Puritans” among us will lose their ability to dictate right and wrong to all citizens in the U.S. and that those decisions will be based on reason, not belief.

link to story.

Maybe not Hillary

24 August, 2011

I don’t want appear to be wishy-washy, but I may not vote Hillary after all. For one thing, I was upset that she went to work for Obama after what the party did to her. Granted she was a terrific Secretary of State. And there is no doubt that she would have done the country much good had she been elected instead the the big zero.

Still, for years I have really only had two viable options Democrats or Republicans; every time I voted an alternate party I knew I had no chance of success. This year, Ron Paul is off to a good start against Obama. Obama 39%, Paul 38% The possibility that I might be able to vote against Obama and still vote for someone who is not a rigid stale generic Republican causes me to ponder the very thing I once thought impossible: not voting for Hillary.

Hillary now the only hope for change for Democrats

15 August, 2011

Despite being a registered Independent voter, I chose to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008. Three years later, I am certain I made the right choice and the country has paid the price for allowing corrupt election practices to steal the election from her and give it to Obama.

As 2012 looms, I ask myself: Is there anyone more prepared, more knowledgeable, and more capable than Hillary of leading this country out of the morass the clueless one has lead us into? For me the answer is clear: no. I would like to see her run again (selfish perhaps, as I would have to vote for anyone or thing rather than vote for Obama).

If you voted for Hillary, would you do so again? If not would you vote for her in 2012?

Vote and add a comment if you are inclined.