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Imperial Obama

9 December, 2008

An open letter to President-Elect Obama:

I wonder if it might be possible to have your chief speechwriter compose a brief message about the disrespect shown recently to Hillary Clinton by a couple of rather young and foolish men — wait, one of them was your chief speechwriter, how awkward for you!  I assume that Mr. Favreau, like others in your inner circle (including you), did not have to undergo the rigorous vetting you expected of the new-old Democrats who joined your cabinet.

I am aware that you don’t normally like to address the concerns of the plebes (as indicated by your reluctance to provide a legitimate proof of citizenship or to use specific words to detail your plans for our future), but under the circumstances you might want to reconsider.    

You are poised to become President of the United States in a few short weeks.  Senator Hillary Clinton, while an opponent of yours during the nominations process, is now your choice for Secretary of State.  She will represent you and the county in the new world order you spoke of so brilliantly during your campaign.  Surely, the image of her being forced to drink beer and being groped by the very young and foolish Jon Favreau will not escape the attention of the very people she will be trying to impress on your behalf.  

In addition, there are thousands of women in this country who were appalled by this photo.  It might serve you well in the long run to issue a statement disavowing yourself and your staff from any such inappropriate sexual behavior now that the election is over.  After all, half of your constituents (in the US, at least) are women. 

I understand that “boys will be boys,” especially when drunk but, at 27, Mr. Favreau is not exactly a boy ( he could easily have served a few terms in Iraq by now), nor is he just any man.  He is the man who puts those fine words in your mouth, though he does not, thankfully, affect your behaviour.

Disavow his behaviour.  Make him apologize.  Fire him.  Please do something.

Show us the kind of stuff you are made of. 




ps:   If  you are concerned that you might not be able to find another brilliant speechwriter to replace Mr. Favreau, I would be willing to accept the position until another brilliant, young, clueless boy comes forward.

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