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Census Bureau no long using Acorn.

11 September, 2009

Fox News has announced that the Census Bureau will no longer be using ACORN to conduct the neex Census. HERE

Hats off to the two undercover independent investigative reporters who posed as a pimp and a prostitute and conducted the interviews with ACORN workers who gave them detailed guidance on how to brek the law and were willing to turn their backs on underage, illegal immigrants being smuggled into this country to work as prostitutes. These two people have bravely done the work that should have been done by the MSM and the government when information began accumulating about this group and the possibility of corruption and illegal activities. They have performed a great service to all of us, regardless of party affiliation.

I hope the the Justice Department, the FBI, IRS and Congress will now investigate all ACORN related activities including the mortgage scams perpetrated on innocent individuals who thought they might finally realize the dream of owning a home.  I also hope that ACORN will be denied any profit from the stimulus bill and any further government contracts.

And thank you to Glenn Beck who brought the the first video to light.

Firing the four women who got caught on tape is not enough.  Investigate the leadership of this organization and punish them as they deserve.

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